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We've made a number of design and user experience improvements to the community site design. These include:

  • New horizontal navigation for switching between spaces

  • Improved card layout for items – making it easier to follow along with conversations and discussions

  • General visual design and hierarchy improvements to make community site

You can take a look at the new design below:


Our simple JavaScript libraries enable you to integrate and embed your Hall community directly into your product, website, or app in just a few lines of code.

Our React component and basic JavaScript embed implementations can be used to initialize your Hall community and automatically log your app's users into your Hall community as members. This enables you to provision community member accounts using your app's identity system without your members needing to log in or sign up for Hall.

To get started and learn more, read our developer documentation.

With the new Companies page in the admin dashboard, you can see which organizations are active in your community. We automatically group and detect companies by the domain name of community member emails.

Clicking any company will open the Company sidebar. Here you'll see a list of the members that belong to that company in the Members tab, all of the contributions from that company in the Contributions tab, as well as analytics and engagement data. If a company is unfamiliar to you, you can click the Insights tab to learn more, or click the links to the company's social media profiles.

We have plans to add more capabilities to the companies feature in the future, including connecting companies to company data in your CRM. Let us know in our community if this is something you would like prioritized.

You can now Follow any discussion to automatically receive notifications.

Notifications are delivered over email, but will also appear for members in your community site and for admins in the admin dashboard.

When a user creates a new discussion, or adds a reply – the user will be automatically subscribed to receive updates for that discussion. To prevent too many notifications, unread notifications are intelligently periodically rolled up and emailed to any followers (with one click unsubscribe, of course!).

Notification settings from the notification drawer in the community site or admin dashboard.

We're keen to hear your feedback, and if you have any suggestions for improvements – please let us know in our community.

Understanding if your members are returning to your community and assessing their level of engagement can be challenging. To help with this, we've released a powerful new feature to help you measure the impact and engagement of your community.

A new Analytics dashboard has been added to the admin dashboard that visualizes the following metrics:

  • Page views: total page views by both members and anonymous visitors. A view is non-unique and multiple views for the same user or visitor are included in this metric.

  • Sign ups: new members who have signed up to your community over time. A member needs to verify their email to be counted as a sign up.

  • Contributions: new discussions, comments, or replies from members.

  • Engagement: members who have engaged with a contribute by commenting, replying, or reacting.

  • Daily engaged members: the number of members who have engaged on a given day.

  • Daily active members: members who have been seen in the community on a given day.

  • Monthly active members: total number of members seen over a 30-day rolling period.

These metrics can be visualized over a 7 day, 30 day, 1 year time periods or by previous month, and month-to-date.

You can explore this feature today by clicking the Analytics section in the admin dashboard.

Our improved editor now supports uploading and inserting images, providing enhanced functionality for content creation. To insert an image, simply select the Image icon in the editor toolbar, or conveniently drag and drop an image file directly into the editor pane.

Additionally, the editor offers the ability to resize images as needed, ensuring optimal visual integration within your content. You can also optionally add descriptive text for each image, improving accessibility and ensuring that users with visual impairments can comprehend the image's content through assistive screen readers.

If you have any additional feature requests for the editor, share them with us in our community.

After months of hard work and feedback from our community and early customers, I'm thrilled to share that Hall is now available and open for anyone to sign up.

We're sharing our launch on Product Hunt today, a platform that helps people discover new products from startups like ours.

Your support with our launch would be really appreciated, sharing any comments or feedback on our Product Hunt launch page on how you're using Hall would help us out a lot.

In the admin dashboard you can now view detailed activity and see contribution history for every member, just click the member you want to view more for from the Members page in the admin dashboard.

  • Recent activity: Reveal a timeline of their community activity, including what they've viewed, commented, or replied and reacted to.

  • Contributions: See the members most recent contributions at a glance.

Give the feature a try in the Members page of the admin dashboard.