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Is there an option to get notified any time there is a new post on a workspace?

I was editing a post and decided to edit the title too, so I clicked the title and edited it and then clicked outside it.

But then when the title saved (I saw the toast message) the body editor closed and discarded all the edits I'd made to the body. So when I went back to β€’β€’β€’ β†’ Edit the changes I'd made were gone. I was surprised because I remember in the past I've tried refreshing the page while making changes and it remembered my unsaved edits.

A moment after this displays the body editor disappears.

I tried the refreshing experiment again and it too discards my edits (without a warning). Perhaps something broke recently in the editor draft saving?

We often screen record gifs to share with users to guide them though how to fix an issue, however the current post do not allow for .gif files to be added.

Code block when editing the post:

Code block when comment is posted:

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I was writing some product feedback to record a UI bug (see't-hide-if-you-highlight-text-8tr0tpQllXnf) and I tried to upload a screen recording but it said it wasn't a supported format. Being able to include images is great, but it would also be useful to include videos.

Here's the error message that shows up
2 weeks ago
Under consideration

Support Call outs in editor

It would be nice to be able to use call out to highlight important points when making a post/question.

edit: I've edited this post to include a few different problems I found, hope that's okay!

I was searching to find one of my old posts, and I clicked on the result and the results disappeared but the page didn't navigate. I played around with it for a bit and thought it was related to clicking on the blank area (instead of the text), but after testing it some more it just seems like it's consistently broken now.

Here's what I mean:

When I click it the results disappear but the page doesn't navigate (I tested in Safari and Chrome).


There's another problem that if you click in the input while the search results are open, the results disappear and if you type more text the results don't show again until you click in the text box again, I did it when I was clicking to move my cursor in the text to change my query, and got very confused. It seems like it's implemented as "toggle on click" behaviour rather than whether the input is focused.


A similar issue happens when pressing space bar, but pressing any other key seems to pop the results again.


I think titles aren't being indexed, and it's only the content? When I search for Editor gap I don't get any results, even though you can see below that there's a post with that title. Perhaps you're only indexing the body of the post and not prepending the title to the document that's searched?

btw: if you're using postgres's ts_vector you can set different rankings based on the part of the document, so you can make the heading rank higher than the body (see with setweight(…, 'A')


Another issue is that in dark mode the hover styling for text in a result doesn't have very high contrast. The title text in particular looks very feint.


Sometimes the results just show an empty short box with nothing inside it, sometimes the box fills with results, sometimes it just hangs and doesn't update.

Hi, I really like what you are doing in Hall, congrats! So as soon as I can, I will try to contribute to its improvement. :)

When you create a new space you can add a description. In my case it is important because the title of the space is very brief, but I miss that this description is visible to users, because they explain the short title of the space. I don't know if I'm missing something...

For example it could be shown as a title attribute of the link to the space in the sidebar, and below or next to the title in the central column when you enter the space so that it is visible once you are inside.

But are just my suggestions.

Keep it up.

I noticed that if I open the notifications dropdown immediately after a full page refresh, I see items twice. But then after closing and opening it I see the item only once. Unfortunately I can't upload a video screen recording (nudge nudge) but here are some still frames from the video:

Initial state, before clicking the dropdown.

After clicking, the loading placeholder appears.

After a moment one result shows.

❌ After another moment a second result shows.

Then I click the button to dismiss the popup.

I click it again to open, and see the loading placeholder again.

After a moment one result appears.

βœ… Waiting longer, no other items appear.

I noticed a bug when using the search box, when I backspace all my text and make it empty, the header becomes a bit taller and janks the page.

Normal, starts at 40px:

After typing some text and backspacing it jumps to 46px.

I was curious what was happening so I tried it in Chrome and couldn't reproduce it. But then through a process of elimination found that the flex class on the <input> is the culprit. Deleting flex fixes the issue. I don't think it should be necessary anyway because I think flex is only necessary for elements with children.

I don't know why Safari behaves like this though.

Was formatting an announcement post under Broadcasts format but I was unable to make the text in bullet points for email but working fine with the text editor. Screenshots below:

[text / post preview ]

[ email preview ]

3 weeks ago
Under consideration

Moving posts between spaces

On Hall's community I see the new "Get help" space and it'd cool if the old [bug] posts from "Share an idea" were moved over to it to help organise it a bit. I imagine it might be a bit tricky with URLs changing and doing redirects for SEO, but the general idea of being able to "garden" a community and move things around could be really nice for better browsing and search (e.g. if you're writing a new post in "Get help" then showing other results from that space makes sense, but if the posts aren't in that space they won't show up).

I'm not sure how the data model is structured, and whether posts in each space have a different data model which would make it hard to move them around. I'm interested to hear what everyone thinks.

I saw the new(?) "most ideas" section and hovered myself, but it said I was offline and last seen hours ago, but since I'm on the page and just did a refresh, I know I'm online. Maybe there should be a special case for the current viewer to always show them as Online. I assume it's showing as "offline" because of lag in the real time syncing?

Here's what I saw:

After a while it updated to show me as online.

When I first opened the settings and saw the page preview, I saw the top blue header, and the blue color, and when I changed the color to red and saved it but the preview didn't change. I was a bit confused what was happening and then I actually read the text and realised I was in Button instead of Header. If there was a button element in the preview I would have seen it change, or if the Header section was opened by default I would have changed a color there and seen the change.

As a community grows and the number of ideas/feature suggestions increases the probability of duplicate posts increases. It would be great if Hall could help prevent this by showing similar posts as they type a title (similar to how Stack Overflow does this).

When I tried signing up to this community I thought the login code failed to send but it turned out that the verification email was in my junk mail and is marked as "unverified" by Microsoft 365/exchange server. I suspect this might be due to DMARC not being configured?

Was setting up a new space and seems like the Home Icon colours are not changeable? Would be great if we can make it editable under the settings or something :) Thank you!

I received this email but when I click the link it takes me to and then just hangs on a white page.

I didn't recognise the domain so I started typing it into Safari and Siri suggested this to me. I'm not sure if it's related to AWS or another company. But it looks like the redirect URL working properly.

I'm using dark mode and I noticed that the gap cursor (the horizontal cursor) is black but the normal native cursor is white. You can get the gap cursor by inserting an image and then pressing down arrow a few times to move your cursor to the end of the document.

This little black line is the gap cursor.

I noticed that when going through my notifications that when I click on one it doesn't immediately move it to the Read list, and when I open the notifications menu again the same item is still there.

Here's an example where I clicked on the first notification and it took me to the post, and you can see when I re-opened the notifications the notification is still there.

The problem with this is that when I'm going through all my notifications I get a bit confused about which item I'm up to. I realise what was happening was that I kept clicking the first item and kept getting taken to the same page. If I refresh the page it updates properly.