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With our new integration you can transform your community Slack conversations into a branded community site, fully searchable by customers and search engines.

Just connect Slack, and start syncing your conversations. You can also manually push interesting conversations to your community site.

Get a sense of how alive and active your community is with real-time member presence.

Now you can see who's online in your community, active in a particular space, or reading a contribution.

Anonymous visitors to your site are also displayed, giving you an insight into organic traffic generated by your community.

Community member pages are here! View member profiles by hovering or clicking their name:

From their profile you can easily discover their contributions and see what content they are discussing:

You can now gather your community's feature requests and suggestions with our new idea space type. With this feature, members can:

  • Submit and vote on ideas to show their support

  • See activity (last updated, views) to help gauge the community's interest

  • View the status of ideas to help measure the impact of their ideas on your roadmap

Statuses can be managed and fully customized in the space settings:

Configure and customize statuses that can be assigned to an idea

Let us know what ideas and feature requests you have for this space type!

One of the main use cases for a customer community is customers asking seeking support and answers to questions, and community members helping to resolve support issues together.

To improve this experience, we've released a new space type for Support that you can now add to your community. This new space adds a support workflow to enable community members to get help, contribute to answers, and discover existing knowledge and solutions.

Comments in Support spaces can be marked as solutions to improve discoverability and help other users self-serve solutions to already answered questions.

Members who have contributed accepted solutions are celebrated as the "most helpful" users.