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Analytics dashboard now live

Measure the impact of your community with the new analytics dashboard

Understanding if your members are returning to your community and assessing their level of engagement can be challenging. To help with this, we've released a powerful new feature to help you measure the impact and engagement of your community.

A new Analytics dashboard has been added to the admin dashboard that visualizes the following metrics:

  • Page views: total page views by both members and anonymous visitors. A view is non-unique and multiple views for the same user or visitor are included in this metric.

  • Sign ups: new members who have signed up to your community over time. A member needs to verify their email to be counted as a sign up.

  • Contributions: new discussions, comments, or replies from members.

  • Engagement: members who have engaged with a contribute by commenting, replying, or reacting.

  • Daily engaged members: the number of members who have engaged on a given day.

  • Daily active members: members who have been seen in the community on a given day.

  • Monthly active members: total number of members seen over a 30-day rolling period.

These metrics can be visualized over a 7 day, 30 day, 1 year time periods or by previous month, and month-to-date.

You can explore this feature today by clicking the Analytics section in the admin dashboard.