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Missed description on the Space

Last updated 2 weeks ago
Mike Ivars

Hi, I really like what you are doing in Hall, congrats! So as soon as I can, I will try to contribute to its improvement. :)

When you create a new space you can add a description. In my case it is important because the title of the space is very brief, but I miss that this description is visible to users, because they explain the short title of the space. I don't know if I'm missing something...

For example it could be shown as a title attribute of the link to the space in the sidebar, and below or next to the title in the central column when you enter the space so that it is visible once you are inside.

But are just my suggestions.

Keep it up.

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Kai Forsyth

Hey Mike! Thanks for signing up and for sharing your feedback.

We've been through a few different design iterations with how spaces are displayed, in previous iterations the description was more prominent.

At the moment, the description is shown when a user tries to create something from the home feed (they need to select what space to post in).

It's good feedback though – we could potentially include the description in a hover card (similar to when you hover over a user's name). We can also explore showing the description within each space somewhere. Will add this to our backlog to revisit.

Thanks again, and would love to hear any other feedback you have!