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[bug] Search results navigation broken(?)

Last updated 2 weeks ago

edit: I've edited this post to include a few different problems I found, hope that's okay!

I was searching to find one of my old posts, and I clicked on the result and the results disappeared but the page didn't navigate. I played around with it for a bit and thought it was related to clicking on the blank area (instead of the text), but after testing it some more it just seems like it's consistently broken now.

Here's what I mean:

When I click it the results disappear but the page doesn't navigate (I tested in Safari and Chrome).


There's another problem that if you click in the input while the search results are open, the results disappear and if you type more text the results don't show again until you click in the text box again, I did it when I was clicking to move my cursor in the text to change my query, and got very confused. It seems like it's implemented as "toggle on click" behaviour rather than whether the input is focused.


A similar issue happens when pressing space bar, but pressing any other key seems to pop the results again.


I think titles aren't being indexed, and it's only the content? When I search for Editor gap I don't get any results, even though you can see below that there's a post with that title. Perhaps you're only indexing the body of the post and not prepending the title to the document that's searched?

btw: if you're using postgres's ts_vector you can set different rankings based on the part of the document, so you can make the heading rank higher than the body (see with setweight(…, 'A')


Another issue is that in dark mode the hover styling for text in a result doesn't have very high contrast. The title text in particular looks very feint.


Sometimes the results just show an empty short box with nothing inside it, sometimes the box fills with results, sometimes it just hangs and doesn't update.

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